About Us


From the humble beginnings of a pearl merchant to a multinational brand, Al Zain has come a long way. The family's forefather, the late Hassan Al Zain, began the business as a trader of pearls back in 1930. During the days when Bahrain's trade scene relied mostly on farming, fishing and pearl diving, he was regarded as a pioneering entrepreneur of his time.

His son, the late Abdulla Al Zain, who soon after joined the business, became an essential asset to his father's business concept. He expanded Al Zain's geographic footprint by being one of the first to combine pearl and jewellery making in the Gulf. He had an inherent passion for pearls, an eye for beauty as well as a progressive mind for business. He began incorporating the watch business into his jewellery trade and travelling to Italy and Switzerland in pursuit of the highest quality of products. In the early 1950's, he opened his first flagship store outside Bahrain in Khobar. This marked a true triumph for the company and the first of the several other shops that would later be launched in the region.